Summer Exhibition / London Art Weekend

23 June - 1 August 2014

E & R Cyzer, 23 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6QF

As part of our Summer Exhibition, we are presenting a number of Post-Impressionist and Modern paintings, including works by Kees Van Dongen, Jean Dubuffet, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Frank Auerbach, Ben Nicholson and Joan Miro.

We took part in London Art Weekend on the 5th and 6th July which included a special temporary exhibition of Picasso drawings and two talks in the gallery, see below.

Saturday 5 July at 3pm:

Up close in the studio:
Unseen Picasso drawings from Private Collections

Picasso Dans l'Atelier low res uf

The gallery will be showing a small collection of Picasso drawings, watercolours and works on paper, including Dans L’atelier (illustrated), a work which has never previously been seen or exhibited. On Saturday, 5th July at 3pm, Diana Kurakina will give a brief talk looking at these works in more depth and will discuss Picasso’s highly acclaimed ‘Studio and Model’ series. She will also explore Picasso’s belief that drawing was the most direct and sensuous form of creativity and the main foundation of his art.

10 mins plus questions.


Sunday 6 July at 12pm:

David Breuer-Weil:
Challenges of the 21st Century Artist

Breuer-Weil image

In this provocative talk, painter and sculptor David Breuer-Weil will explore the relevance of being an artist in an industry where to a large degree, money has taken over from intellectual statement. However, there is evidence among many living artists of a strong counter-reaction. With reference not only to his own practice, he will refer to a wide range of contemporary and classic modern works, as well as iconic historical art, and will discuss the changing roles of art over time. He will assess whether art has been demoted from its place as the expression of spiritual and intellectual truths to a tool for speculation and investment, and what this means for the future of art.

Breuer-Weil trained at Central Saint Martins School of Art and at Clare College, Cambridge and in tandem with his own creative practice has worked at Sotheby’s, de Pury and Luxembourg Art and as a curator of several leading collections. He is uniquely placed to discuss some of these decisive issues which impact on the future of art.

25 mins plus questions.